weekend report, quick hits version...

...because it's already the end of the day.
  1. I knit two more edging units for the Southern Skies shawl.
  2. I knit a little on the bird's eye heel for the Carbonized Zombie socks.
  3. I stitched a bit on the Mediterranean Mermaid.
  4. I would have done more, but Sunday was taken up by a migraine. It was so bad that I couldn't think straight. I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for lasagne and forgot to buy cheese. Right...my brain was that messed up.
  5. Saturday was a kick! We took BART to San Francisco to see the Daughter teach her class for the Under Armour event at Macy's in Union Square. I don't think I said much about this, but our daughter has a sponsorship with Under Armour. Occasionally they ask her to teach at events, like the one on Saturday.

    Since it was so close to home, we went to watch. It was energetic, inspiring, amazing, and very loud! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, though. Here's a class picture--our kid's the one with the microphone:
Class Photo at the Under Armour  event 11/9/13

 Back tomorrow with some WIPs and IDJs.