WIP-it Tuesday...

...because I'm not sure when I'll have time to post again.

The Southern Skies shawl has been getting the most play lately. It's been so cold that all I want to do is snuggle under a blanket. The shawl is easy to work on when I'm bundled up. I just finished edging repeat number 41 of 58. More than 2/3rds done...YAY!

The Mediterranean Mermaid is on a temporary hold until after Thanksgiving. Here's what she looks like now:

Mediterranean Mermaid, as of 11/26/13

I'll stitch her face before going back to the hundreds of brown stitches in her hair.  I'm trying not to get bored with all that brown so I can continue forward progress.

The biggest WIP of all is Thanksgiving dinner. Tomorrow's schedule is full.
  1. Go to the grocery store early to get all of the veggies and fruit I need.
  2. Get Mr. Turkey into the dry brine
  3. Make the sides: dressing/stuffing; mashed potatoes; sweet potato casserole; jello mold (The Husband's mom likes that); gravy
  4. Bake desserts: pumpkin pies; cranberry cake; apple-pear galette (if there's time)
  5. Make Spinach dip (for Thursday and Friday)
Yup, non-stop cooking all day. The bonus will be that on Thursday I only have to worry about the turkey, vegetables, and last minute appetizers. Everything else just needs reheating and that's it! That will give us enough time to rearrange furniture and set the tables, and not be crazed by the time company arrives.

It took all weekend, but house is as clean as I can get it. There are a few last minute things to clean up, but nothing we can't handle on Thursday morning.

Mom thinks she's arriving in the 10am time frame, so I know she'll pitch in wherever.

I haven't cooked for my family in years...I'm really looking forward to this!