Eye Candy Friday-the-13th...

...and we're getting closer to Christmas!

Today's eye candy is Christmas decorations, I bought a few things from Pier One that caught my eye when I was buying candles for Thanksgiving. I love peacocks and the colors normally associated with them ...turquoise, blues, and greens. I found a peacock ornament and some sequined ornaments that had to come home with me. The tail of the peacock ornament:

Peacock feather

a bowl of gorgeous colors:

Sequined ornaments in a crystal bowl

and a close-up of one sequined ball:

Sequined ornament

I've been spending my evenings decorating the house. The only things left to are to put up the nativity set and decorate the Star Trek tree. The main Christmas tree can always use more ornaments, but if I don;t add any more, it's good as it is. I'm way ahead of where I'm normally at for the 13th. Now if I could only get my Christmas letter written!

Up this weekend: tomorrow is biscotti day! We'll see whether the mixer's new gear holds up to the 7 types of biscotti that I have planned. I have a backup mixer, just in case so I feel more confident about giving the new gear a true test. 

Sunday is icing and chocolate day. I'll ice the sugar cookie cutouts and put chocolate on the biscotti. If there's time, I'll make one of the cookie batches I had to skip last Sunday.

I'm on track to get the first batch of goodie bags ready for the 20th...thank goodness!