Eye Candy Friday...

...and I can't wait for it to the weekend!  (I know...what's new!)

Our plum tree has started to bloom.

Plum blossom 2

Plum blossom 1

It hasn't figured out yet that it's only January. With all of our nice weather, the plants are very confused. I wish that it would rain because we really need it. It is so dry around here.

Up this weekend:   Our 33/28 anniversary is tomorrow and we are going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This will give me the ocean time that I sorely need. I want to see the jellyfish and check out the new-to-me exhibits. The Cousteau hat is the perfect car tip project. I've knit 5 of the 10 inches I need before starting the decreases.

Really looking forward to tomorrow!