WIP-it Wednesday...

...only one WIP picture to show, but I do have pictures of the finished shawl!

I started a second hat for the Husband, the Jacques Cousteau hat [Ravelry] by Lalla Pohjanpalo. I haven't gotten very far, but it looks like it will fit his head.

Jacques Cousteau hat

I haven't taken a recent picture of the mermaid, but I have finished her hair (HURRAY!). I need to finish her arms and the vase that she is holding.  The next step will be to do the back-stitching.  I'm getting closer to the beading!

None of the other WIPs have received any play in the last month.

Now for the shawl pictures. I have not been successful taking a picture of the whole shawl, but I do have the following pictures.

Me and the Shawl:

The Night is Purple and Full of Stars Shawl

The edging:

The Night is Purple and Full of Stars edging

A detail shot of the edging:

The Night is Purple and Full of Stars edging detail

A slice view of the shawl

The Night is Purple and Full of Stars Shawl, slice

Started 5/19/13;
Finished 12/31/13;
Pattern: Southern Skies by Audrey Nicklin; edging is a modified version of Jared Floods' Leaves of Grass border;
Yarn: Colinette Jitterburg in Velvet Bilberry;
Stars: Silver-lined crystal 6/0 beads;
Edging:  Silver-lined amethyst 6/0 beads with amethyst magatama seed beads on each point.
Size: 58 inches in diameter, blocked

Knitting two pi shawls in one year was crazy. I'm glad I did them, but I'm not doing that again!

Leave a comment on my 1/6/14 post by Midnight PST, Monday 1/20/14.

We'll draw the winner's name out of a hat on Tuesday, 1/21/14.

The prize: 1 skein of Socks That Rock Lightweight in Fleur de couleur.


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WOW!! Your shawl looks amazing! Congrats.

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