Tax Day Tuesday...

...all together now: UGH!!
  1. I finished and filed our taxes. To completely get them out of my hair, I wrote out our payment to the Feds and ran it to the Post Office last night. No way was I going to deal with USPS today! Apparently, other people had the same idea, because there were a lot of people at the Post Office at 9:45pm. Anyway, they are done.
  2. The vacuum monster and I had a good time on Saturday. I realized that I hadn't cleaned the filter since we got this vacuum. I removed the filter and washed took over 24 hours to dry, but it was worth it. The vacuum should work a bit better now.
  3. I finished spinning the Camel-Silk I started at Spin-In earlier in the month. As soon as I get a chance, I'll post some pictures.
  4. I spent 3 or 4 hours beading the mermaid. I'm a little frustrated because I can't see see as well as I could. Some progress is better than nothing, but I can't wait for my new glasses!
  5. I'm still ignoring the socks, debating whether to just finish them and give them away as I mentioned in an earlier post. Or if I should go down a needle size so the foot fits better and keep them. I'm only 6 rows past the last gusset decrease, so a smaller needle size might work. What to do...
  6. I'm on the last day of eye drops for my cataract surgery...hooray!