Finished Object Tuesday...

...I was very productive over the long weekend!

I finished the cross stitch piece called Hive:


Started 11/16/13;
Finished 5/26/14
Hive Monthly Musing by Shepherd's Bush

I finished spinning Monarch [Ravelry], a merino-silk top from the Yarn Wench:

Monarch handspun

and the close up:

Monarch hanspun, close up

Started 5/10/14;
Finished 5/26/14;
Merino-silk top (4.1 oz) from the Yarn Wench;
214.3 yds chain-ply; 11 WPI

I also worked on a stealth knitting project. No details or pictures until it has been delivered to the recipient!

It was wonderful having an extra day to craft and just hand out with the kitties. They have decided that my spinning wheel cover is the best thing ever and used it for nap time:

Cat nap

Love those little fuzz balls!