Eye Candy Friday...

...and not a moment too soon. This has been a really long week!

I only have one eye candy picture today. The Asiatic lilies are starting to bloom in the backyard:

Asiatic Lily

We have a wealth of apricots, far too many for just us. The blackberries decided to ripen at the same time, too. Neither one of us has the energy to can the fruit at this point. And while they are delicious in pies and pastry, our waistlines certainly don't need that many sweets! We've given away a bunch...I can only hope that we can give away more.

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow! I'll use up some of those apricots by taking a dessert with me. LOL!

We haven't planned on much else. I think I'd just like to chill out for a bit. We'll see if that happens...