Top-of-the-waves Tuesday...

...running at full speed to get everything set up at work as well as get Christmas done!
  • Hardly any crafting has happened. I'm very behind on the stealth project that is supposed to be a Christmas gift. Arg!
  • I've checked my spreadsheet and I'm officially 147 cookies behind last year. I need to bake another cookie to make up for this.
  • I baked 747 biscotti on Saturday. That's 86 biscotti more than last year. I thought I had made less than last year, like I did with the cookies. Score!
  • On Sunday, I frosted all of the sugar cookies and put chocolate on half of the biscotti. I could seriously use another 3 or 4 racks for this process. I used every rack I own and it was not enough!
  • Last night, I did round 2 for the snowflakes. I piped all the details.
  • I realized that I was almost our of the edible glitter for the snowflakes. I went out at lunchtime today and bought two vials of it so I can finish the snowflakes tonight.
  • I'm behind on the sugared nuts, but I'm not too worried. I can knock out another batch tonight while I finish up the snowflakes.
  • In the midst of all of this, one of my brothers has to be in our area tomorrow and he's spending the night with us. I've already warned him that the house is Baking Central and he has to ignore the layer of flour, sugar, and chocolate on everything. There is no way I can clean up and try to keep on track! 
Here's a photo of the cookies and biscotti drying...

The results of Icing Day

...and this isn't all of them. There was another table in the kitchen with 4 more types of biscotti. And 50% of the biscotti didn't get chocolate and were already packed in my storage containers.

Yeah, it's a bunch...