Eye Candy Friday...

...almost the weekend!  I'm feeling so much better and I'm looking forward to actually working on some craft projects.

Today's eye candy is mostly from work because our garden is very bare right now.

This morning's sky around 7:20am:

Early morning sky 1/9/15

White polyanthus at the front door of our office complex.

White polyanthus

Yes, they are dirty, mostly because the gardeners' leaf blowers kick up a lot of particles.

A pink polyanthus:

Deep pink polyanthus

and a pink and white polyanthus:

Pink and white polyanthus

Up this weekend: Spin In tomorrow...hooray!  I haven't done any spinning since I finished Sweetwater Spring [Ravelry] in November. My wheel has probably forgotten all about me.

The biggest thing we want to accomplish this weekend is to get the Christmas tree out of the house and put the living room back in order. I still have all of the Star Trek ornaments to put away, as well as most of the ornaments from the main tree. I can do that while I watch a movie (or two) on TV.

I'd really like to finish the machine quilting of I'm Just Mad About Citron so I can put the binding on and finish this puppy!

And if I want to finish Be My Baby For My Baby for the Daughter's birthday in February, I better get cracking!