Eye Candy Friday...

...and hooray for the weekend!

Today's eye candy is brought to you by the color red. On the light end, we have a pink petunia:

Pink petunia

Red strawberry leaves:

Red strawberry leaves

and an abutilon in Lucky Lantern Red:

Abutilon in the morning sun

Up this weekend:  Since my sewing machine won't be fixed yet, I can't quilt. I'll have to pull out some of the stitching projects and make progress on those.

I'm pretty close to finishing the first sleeve of Be My Baby [Ravelry]. I should be able to finish that and transition over to the scarf portion of the project. I might have to fiddle a bit with it to make sure that I knit the proper width for the scarf portion.

I hope to do a camera walk on Sunday so I can explore some of my new camera's features. The only thing that might prevent my walk is if the weather is too cold. It's been freezing at work and I'd really like to warm up a bit.

Mostly, I just want to spend some quality time at home when I'm not sick!