F.O. Friday...

...and some eye candy, too!

Here is the completed Wild Turquoise handspun [Ravelry]:

Wild Turquoise handspun

and a close up:

Wild Turquoise handsoun, close up

Started 5/10/15, finished 5/25/15
Turquoise art rolags from the Yarn Wench;
188 yds auto-plied with turquoise thread, 10 WPI

In today's eye candy, we have Belleza Dark Pink Gaura:

Belleza Dark Pink Gaura

Red Kangaroo Paws:

Red Kangaroo Paws

And almost ripe Blenheim apricots:

Blenheim apricots, almost ripe

Up this weekend: more of the same.

One thing I need to do is take some photos of completed projects, specifically the needlerolls and scissor fobs. I've made tons of them and the photos that I do have worked for the original version of my website. In the earlier version, I was hosting the photos and I didn't want large photos sucking up disk space.

Now that I'm using Flickr for my photos, I need to retake some of the shots. I'm able to use a few the photos, but many of the originals are either misplaced or just not good enough. I'll be adding a bunch of photos to my Flickr photostream in the next few weeks.