Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...randomness of the day.

  • I really dislike stitching brown, especially when I wanted it to be copper. Tucson Twilight is going into hibernation because I just can't handle the brown.
  • I have a lot of needlepoint projects in the queue, but only one is completely kitted--the canvas, all the fibers, and all of the instructions--and it's by the same designer as Tucson Twilight. The rest are chart only, canvas and instructions but no threads, threads and instructions but no canvas, or some other less than useful combination. I really wanted to work on a Susan Portra design, but I need to order canvas and/or fibers before I can start. Sigh...
  • Be My Baby for My Baby [Ravelry]is coming along. I really don't like knitting linen stitch. I'm always getting lost in the middle and having to tink back to figure out where I went wrong. This project is going to take a while!
  • We had a small group at Spin-In, but it was good, as always. I started a camel-silk top that I bought from Greenwood Fiber at last year's Stitches West. I love the feel of the camel-silk fiber!
  • I did a little work on the commission quilt. I have a couple of ideas on how to use up all the fabric, but I haven't quite landed on one yet.
  • I usually take a two-mile walk on Sunday as my exercise. I didn't have any great motivation to take the walk on Sunday, but I turned it into a camera walk to make it more palatable. I took a ton of photos of flowers and interesting plants during the walk, some of which will show up on an eye-candy Friday. :)
  • I would love to start another knitting project to swap off with the Be My Baby project.
  • And, OMG! Both the Outlander and Game of Thrones episodes were incredibly intense! I didn't get a lot done during the episodes as they both grabbed my attention. I'll be sad when they are both done for the season!