Tour de Fleece report, days 1, 2, and 3...

...they can be summed up as Good, Good, and Arg!

Day 1=Good

Completed one handspun. This is Sunrise [Ravelry]:

Sunrise handspun

and the close-up:

Sunrise handspun, close up

Started and Finished 7/4/2015;
Wild Card Bling Batt (2.5 oz) from the Yarn Wench;
104.2 yds, thread-plied with copper and gold threads; bulky weight

Day 2=Good

Completed another handspun. This is Lemon Lime [Ravelry]:

Lemon Lime handspun

and the close-up:

Lemon Lime handspun, close up

Started and finished 7/5/2015;
Crazy batt (2 oz) from Faerie Mountain; 
139.6 yds, thread-plied with green and yellow threads; 10 WPI

Day 3=ARG!

I knew I wouldn't finish anything given that I had to work all day. I wanted to start the next one, figuring that I would probably finish it on my first day of vacation on Thursday.

I sat down at my wheel and noticed that it was wobbly. I tightened the bottom knob a bit and noticed that it didn't tighten at all then my wheel started folding up on me. The bushing was still on the knob's had pulled out of the upright support! No! And it looked like it had a small piece of wood in the bushing's threads. ARG!!

Thank Bob for Ravelry!  I cruised the Lendrum group and found a couple of posts about the same issue. In one case, the person simply screwed the bushing back where it belonged and was able to continue spinning. In another case, the person had to use glue to keep the bushing in place.

I was able to screw the bushing back into the upright support and then unfolded the wheel and secured it with the knob. I spun for a few minutes, but now the wheel is wobbling.  I decided to step back and look at it again today. I'm hoping that switching back to the normal flyer will solve the wobble problem. I really don't want to spend TdF doing spindle spinning...

Keeping my fingers crossed!