Eye Candy Friday and Tour de Fleece update...

...and I am in vacation-mode for the next week. Hooray!

There isn't much in the way of eye candy from the garden. Our bi-color carnations are blooming again:

Bi-color pink carnation

The white and yellow dahlias are blooming:

White and yellow dahlia

Looking up for a change to capture the clouds this morning:

Morning sky and fog 7/15/16

Tour de Fleece, day 12:

Spun another braid of Sampler box fibers.

Tour de Fleece, day 13:

This was my first day of vacation. Before I let myself spin, I did quite a bit of housework. Then I started and finished Oxidized Purple [Ravelry]:

Oxidized Purple handspun

and the close-up:

Oxidized Purple handspun, close up

Started and finished 7/14/16
Merino-Silk (3.9 oz.) from The Yarn Wench
163.8 yds. two-ply, 11 WPI

Tour de Fleece, day 14:

I finished the housework this morning and did a run to Target. My plan is to spin an art yarn because my knees and ankle are sore from yesterday's spin.

Up this weekend: More spinning!! I also want to rewarp the loom. Mostly, I just want to alternate spinning with whatever catches my attention.

And relaxing when I want to!