Eye Candy Friday...

...and it's a 3-day weekend!

For Valentine's Day, the Husband bought me some new plants. These are Sun Stars:

Sun Star flowers

This is Armeria in Ballerina Red:

Armeria, Ballerina Red

and this viola is called Tiger Eyes:

Viola, Tiger Eyes

Up this weekend: Tomorrow is Spin-In. I hope I can get my wheel fixed for this. If not, I'll just take some knitting.

I also need to photograph the baby quilt. I want to mail it and the baby hat over the weekend. However, that means I need to finish the hat! Given that I had to frog most of it last night, it might take me a while to finish it.

It's will be so nice to have an extra day to get my Stitches West stuff together. It's 6 days away...I can't wait!