Well, hello Tuesday...

...I have no idea what happened at the end of last week.
  • I didn't process any photos for Eye Candy Friday, so no post there.
  • I finished sewing the top for the All That Glitters quilt. I also prepped the binding and seamed the backing. This quilt is ready to sandwich, which won't be happening until the end of summer when the weather cools down. It's just too hot to quilt right now.
  • I worked on the St. Charles needlepoint project. One of the areas called fro French knots. While I normally don't mind this stitch, it was a royal PITA in this project. I don't know if it's because it used 2 strands of overdyed floss in a small area or what, but the knots kept slipping behind and the ones that didn't looked sparse.

    I made the executive decision to rip out the knots and just use continental stitch. I'm much happier with the result. And truthfully, the areas are so small that I don't think it makes much of a difference.
  • I worked on the Charred Teal Shawl [Ravelry]. I'm now in section two and it's looking very nice. I need to take a WIP photo of this soon.
  • I chain-plied the Sunset singles [Ravelry]. My wheel was wobbling a bit, but I kept at it until I finished the plying. Then I unfolded the wheel and replaced the piece of grippy shelf liner that I used to keep the two parts from slipping. The old piece had gotten compressed and let the wheel wobble. It's better now. Someday, I'll get a replacement hinge for the wheel.
  • I put the Mermaid of the Pearls cross stitch project back in rotation. It's been hibernating way too long. It's time to get moving on this project. 
  • I finished reading the latest book in the Jane Yellowrock series.