Tour de Fleece catchup...

...and an overall update. Let's take this by Tour de Fleece days.

Tour de Fleece, Day 12:

Finished spinning the singles for Tidal [Ravelry].

Tidal singles

Tour de Fleece, Day 13:

Because my time was limited, I spun an art yarn using a Wild Card Bling Batt (4.1 oz.) from The Yarn Wench. I plied it with two threads, one gold and one copper. This is Kraken [Ravelry]:

Kraken handspun

and the close-up:

Kraken handspun, close up
Started and finished 7/13/17
Wild Card Bling Batt (3.5 oz) from the Yarn Wench
57.7 yds plied with gold and copper metallic threads; Bulky

Tour de Fleece, Day 14:

Day 14 was also our last day of work before vacation. The Husband was leaving early Saturday morning, while I was going to start my Craftcation (AKA Staycation). However, my shower faucet decided to give up the ghost - it would not turn off! I had to shut off the water to the house to avoid wasting gallons of water. The Husband called a plumber and spent the day at home while the plumber fixed things. Not what The Husband wanted to do, but at least he was able to finish packing for his trip. The shower works now.

When I got home after work, I working on my spinning. It wasn't until I went to bed that I realized I had completely forgotten about Eye Candy Friday.

I did manage to finish spinning Tidal [Ravelry]:

Tidal handspun

and the close-up:

Tidal handspun, close up
Started 7/11/17
Finished 7/14/17
Falkland (4.2 oz) from the Yarn Wench
161.9 yds 2-ply, 12 WPI
Tour de Fleece Day 11, 12, and 14

Tour de Fleece, Day 15
Craftcation Day 1:

The Husband left early in the morning for his trip. I spent the morning putting my bathroom back in order and doing a little cleaning. While I did the laundry, I started spinning Ember Indigo Silk, a merino-silk from The Yarn Wench. I did a little stitching in the evening and had leftovers for dinner. I just didn't have the energy to do much else because it had been so hot during the day.

Ember Indigo Silk handspun, in process

Tour de Fleece, Day 16
Craftcation Day 2:

Today's cleaning chore was the kitchen. I put away all of the dishes, cleaned the counters, and mopped the floor. I did a grocery run and planned a nice dinner for myself.

I spun more of the Ember Indigo Silk, but had to stop when my knees started bothering me. I switched over to working on stitching the Mermaid.

I watched the East coast feed Game of Thrones (Go, Arya!) and enjoyed a wonderful dinner of steak, zucchini, and rice.

Ember Indigo Silk, as of 7/16/17