WIP-it Wednesday, and a little catch-up...

...I'm a little tired and a little behind on the blog, but we had a great weekend.

As I mentioned, the Husband and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Saturday.  The first thing we did was go outside to the Great Tide Pool area and take a deep breath. I love the sea air! There were several otters and porpoises in the distance. I used my camera to zoom in on a group of otters and got an OK picture of them.

My primary reason for going to the aquarium was to finally see the jellyfish exhibit. This is a popular exhibit and it was sometimes difficult to get pictures because of all the other people. However, I did manage to get a few good shots.

Jellyfish 4
Jellyfish 8

Whenever we OD'd on people, we went back out to the Great Tide Pool area. This sea gull decided to hang out and people watch.

We like the shore bird area as well.

We had lunch at Cannery Row and went back for round two at the aquarium to see the sand dollars and anything else we missed.

We had an anniversary dinner at Domenico's On The Wharf. Yummy!! We went back to our hotel room, stuffed and happy.

On Sunday, we decided to go to Point Lobos State Reserve. I've never been there and short hike sounded good. We took an hour hike in the area and enjoyed being outside.

One thing that struck us was how brown everything is. While the East Coast is getting slammed with bad weather, we have had no rain in two months and it shows. Normally everything is very green this time of the year.

From there, we drove up Highway 1 to Pescadero State Beach.

I hadn't been there in a long time. It was nice to wander down the beach looking at the shells and rocks that the waves had brought in.

Shells among the rocks

After a late lunch in Half Moon Bay, we headed home.

The Husband likes to drive on these trips, so I was able to knit while we went from place to place. I am motivated to finish the Cousteau hat this month, so I worked on it the whole time. I am 95% done with the hat so I won't show a picture until I'm done.

I miss the ocean already. We agreed that we need to visit the ocean more often, as we both need the peace it brings.