Eye Candy Friday already...

...the week went by very quickly!

The tulips continue to bloom in various containers in both the courtyard and backyard. This yellow and red one bloomed yesterday:

Yellow and red ruffled tulip

and a closer view:

Ruffled tulip petals

The hydrangea is starting to bloom:

Hydrangeas beginning to bloom

It's pink at the moment. We'll see is it stays that way.


And the pomegranate blooms are now morphing into fruit.  It looks like we'll have another good crop this year despite the dry conditions.

Pomegranate beginnings

Up this weekend: We're going to spend some time with the Daughter on Sunday.  She has a rare Sunday off, so it will be nice for her to do something relaxing. We have no specific plans, we'll just see where the whim takes us.

Other than that, it will be business as usual: chores, grocery shopping, etc.

On the craft front, I'll continue to work on the socks. I finally decided to go down a needle-size to see if it helped. And it does. I've knit a few rows with the smaller needles and I already can tell that the foot will fit much better. Maybe I can actually finish them!

I resurrected the Rockefeller Moon shawl [Ravelry] last night and knit (and tinked) for about an hour. We'll see how long it hold my attention.