random Tuesday...

...which could have been a Finished Object Tuesday if I'd gotten my act together.

Over the weekend, I wound some of my handspun yarn on to bobbins and shuttles. As I looked at the colors, I felt like I needed a bit more on the light end of the spectrum and something a bit thicker.

I did a little stash dive and found a Royale Hare BFL-mix braid [Ravelry] that I bought at this year's Stitches West. I started to spin it thick, intending on plying it, but I wasn't happy with the way it looked.  I pulled out some cream-colored crochet cotton and some brown rayon thread and swapped over to a core-spun and autowrapped single. Much better!

So much better that I immediately wound it on a stick shuttle and started weaving with it. I didn't care that I hadn't let it set for a day or that it started to unravel a bit. The idea was to give the wall hanging a bit of texture and it worked.

In my stash dive, I found a Chameleon Colorworks fiber sampler that contains 1/2 ounce each of Angora; Tussah Silk; Cotton Sliver; Alpaca; Camel; Yak; Optima; and a blend of 80's Merino, cultivated silk, and angora. I'm using bits of the alpaca, camel, and yak to add spots of texture in the piece.

I'm not sure whether I'll like the overall piece, bu tit will certainly be different than anything else I've done!

I had craft attention span problem for most of the weekend. I could not stick with one project for very long. The weekend looked a lot like this:
  1. Wind some fiber onto bobbins.
  2. Start spinning a red merino-bamboo-nylon top from Twisted Sunshine
  3. Stash dive for natural color fiber
  4. Start stitching the mermaid
  5. Work on Tuscon Twilight needlepoint
  6. Knit a couple of rows on Stormy Affection 
  7. Read
  8. Spin more of the red fiber
  9. Start spinning the Royal Hare fiber for plying
  10. Swap over to corespun
  11. Wind more fiber onto bobbins and stick shuttles
  12. Weave a little bit of the wall hanging
  13. Spin more of the red fiber
  14. Knit a couple more rows on Stormy Affection
  15. Read
Worked on a lot; did not accomplish a lot on any one project.   Sometimes, that's how it goes...