Eye Candy Friday...

...and none too soon!  This week had some interesting work challenges that sapped a good chunk of my brain power. I'm looking forward to a little recharge this weekend.

Today's eye candy is all over the board.  First, yesterday's sunrise:

Sunrise 10/10/13

Next, a peek at a future project:

Mermaid Azure chart & supplies

Yes, the mermaid obsession continues!

And last, the latest installment of the Rockin' Sock Club (behind the spoiler):

RSC 2013 Spoiler

I like the yarn colors and I'm toying with making the hat. However, I need to finish Southern Skies before I start another knitting project!

Up this weekend: Absolutely no plans...yay! I do have some housework to do, but that happens every weekend, more or less. Last weekend it was less because of the baby shower and the fact that the vacuum monster croaked.

With two cats in the house, we must have a functioning vacuum monster! Our last one was a pet version, which we liked a lot, but it was developing issues with suction and then the brush broke. The Husband found another brand of per vacuum online and it was delivered a couple of days ago. I did a test vacuum of one area rug and so far it looks good!  I'll get the rest of the rugs this weekend.

Craft-wise, I need to fold the loose fabric and get it put away now that I have more comic book backers. I cleared out an additional compartment in my IKEA Expedit so I have a place to store them. I seriously need to make more quilts or bags at some point to use up more of this fabric!

I want to put in a couple of stitching hours on the latest mermaid and see if I can finish the Bulb cross stitch.

Maybe a little shopping...maybe not!