Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...and the weekend report.
  • Saturday was bread and cake day. The results:
    Lemon bread - 8 mini loaves
    Pumpkin bread - 6 medium loaves and 6 mini loaves
    Fruitcakes - 8 medium and 12 mini loaves
  • We bought our Christmas tree Saturday morning, between the baking of lemon bread and fruitcakes. It's destined to come inside tonight after I get home from work.
  • In between bread batches, I did most of the laundry. At one point I had 3 timers going: one for the oven, one for the stuff in the refrigerator, and one for the laundry.
  • I also made the dough for 5 cookies that must be chilled before baking.
  • Sunday morning, on preparation for my friend Linda's arrival at 1pm, I cleaned the kitchen, living room and bathroom.  I had already arranged to have the Husband do the grocery shopping so I didn't have to go out for that. Then it was on to baking
  • Linda called and had to cancel...totally OK because her family had some time open up so they could go together and get their tree. It was right in the middle of when she was coming over. 
  • My rhythm was off all day Saturday. I kept dropping and spilling things, which doesn't normally happen. It continued somewhat into Sunday as it took me a while to get going.
  • I tried one new cookie that needed to be chilled before baking. OMG, the recipe was so annoying in the way the instructions were written.

    "On a cutting board, cut a log in half and half again. Then cut each quarter into thirds, yielding 12 cookies."

    Why not just say cut each log into 12 even slices? Or quarter/half-inch slices?

    By the cutting point, I'd already modified the recipe to make the logs longer than the 8 inches it specified because I wanted my cookies smaller in circumference. I went with a standard quarter-inch slices. As a result, I got 7 dozen instead of 4 dozen with one batch. Works for me!
  • The housework and being off-rhythm put me behind on Sunday. I ended up not having the energy to bake all of the cookies I wanted to. I'd been on my feet for two days, and if you think about it, it was the second week in a row where I did that--Thanksgiving was Wednesday ans Thursday of the previous week. No wonder my feet hurt!
  • I baked the last batch of cookies last night after work. I might make one more cookie, but that won't be until I take vacation right before Christmas.
  • The cookie total for Sunday and Monday:
    8 types of cookies, 772 total. Some of those need to be iced, which will happen next Sunday.