Friday, December 04, 2015

Late Eye Candy Friday...

...we had our card-signing party at the office today. Between that and some HR stuff I needed to do, the day got away from me.  So, I'm keeping this simple.

One of our Thanksgiving guests brought a gift and flowers.  The gift was a beautiful, scented candle:

Scented candle

The flowers are still going strong a week later:

Thanksgiving bouquet

Up this weekend: The baking orgy begins!

Saturday, we're going to get our Christmas tree. After that, I'll bake the fruitcakes, pumpkin breads, and lemon breads. I also need to make the slice and bake cookies so they can chill.

On Sunday, our friend Linda is coming over to help bake cookies. While she's handling the slice and bake cookies, I'm going to try a new cookie.  Linda and I will do a taste test and decide whether it's a keeper.

My goal is to finish all of the breads and bake most of the cookies. The following weekend will be biscotti and icing. Somewhere between now and the 18th, I need to make a batch of Grand Marnier nuts and package the gifts for the office.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!

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