Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

This week is very busy as I clean up my desk so I can take my annual Christmas vacation. I have so many open enrollment things to wrap up!
  1. Almost no crafting is happening right now, but cookies and biscotti are.
  2. Saturday was Biscotti Day. I baked 666 (I know!).
  3. Sunday was Icing Day. All of the sugar cookies were frosted and I spread chocolate on a little more than half of of biscotti.
  4. I also made 16 cups of Amaretto Nuts and 14 cups of Grand Marnier Nuts.
  5. I made one batch of Macadamia-Lime Fudge.
  6. Still to make: Chocolate bark, Chile-lime Nuts
  7. Still to do: Package everything! Not to mention Christmas shopping...I'm going to need this vacation!
Here are a few photos of Icing Day. The staging area (the dining room table):

Biscotti and cookie staging area

Bee and ornament cookies:

Bees and ornament cookies

Chocolate snowflakes:

Chocolate snowflakes in process

Peppermint biscotti:

Peppermint biscotti

Cranberry-Pistachio biscotti with Gingerbread biscotti in the back:

Cranberry-Pistachio biscotti