Top-of-the-Waves Tuesday...

...Hey, look! I'm posting on a Tuesday!
  • It's November...can you believe it?!
  • While I'd like to say that life intruded on my weekend's craftiness, the truth is that I'm in sort of a slump. I couldn't get motivated to work on anything in the queue. Pretty much everything else caught my attention.
  • For example, we added a new rolling cart in the kitchen to replace an old free-standing cabinet. I didn't like how things were organized in it, so I swapped the contents with another same-sized rolling cart. Voila! Everything  fits better in each cart. It will just take some practice getting the cat food out of a different cart.
  • The Daughter asked me to go through some old photos to find some for her class reunion. I did that instead of knitting.
  • I know I should start working on the baby quilt gift. Instead I worked on a Christmas quilt that I had started a few years ago. The fabric was already cut to make Yellow Brick Road squares. I sewed together the strips and cut them into the required units. They are ready to make into squares.
  • One crafty thing I planned on finishing that I actually did was ply the Multi-Llama singles. I wound them into a plying ball and made a two-ply yarn out of them. I'll try and get photos soon.
  • I started feeling a little guilty about not vacuuming, but then I remembered that the vacuum monster is a little under the weather. (It's not sucking...really.)
  • We had quite a few trick-or-treaters, but they were pretty much done by 9pm. That worked great as I was ready to relax at that point. I asked The Husband to hide the remaining candy so I don't eat it!
  • I was also under-motivated to read, believe it or not. I'm currently reading "Three Sisters, Three Queens" by Philippa Gregory. I love her books, but they are a pretty dense read. 
  • This week marks the beginning of a reduced work week for me. I'm going to 90% time, which reduces my week to 36 hours. I'm taking half-days on Fridays and hope to be able to use that time in the studio. Of course, this week, I won't be able to as I need to get the oil changed in my car! But at least I don't need to go back to work afterwards!