Friday, October 28, 2016

Eye Candy and F.O. Friday...

...Today is Fiber Eye Candy™ from the Taos Wool Festival we attended on 10/1/16.

This is an Alpaca-wool top in Candy Apple from Prairie Falcon Fibers:

Candy Apple Alpaca-Wool

Organic Polwarth-Silk top from Widdershins Woolworks:

Polwarth-Silk fiber

Dyed Wensleydale top from DeGoatnsheep Ranch:

Blues and Greens Wensleydale fiber

Multi-Llama top from Tall Tail Ranch (I just finished the singles on this one):

Llama roving

and custom rolags from Woodlake Woolies:

SW Blue rolags

The Finished Object is SW Blue art yarn [Ravelry] spun from the rolags:

SW Blue handspun

Started and finished 10/23/16
Custom rolags from Woodlake Woolies
20.1 yds., bulky weight

Up this weekend: No specific plans.  I do have a little housework to catch up on. I need to get a jump on getting the house in order for Thanksgiving. We're hoping to have a full table again this year.

I want to check out some of the holiday magazines to see whether there are any intriguing and new cookie recipes.

And I'm still processing vacation photos. I finished day 3 and am starting on Day 4. Maybe if I get bored (HA!) I can process a few more!

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