Last Eye Candy Friday for May...

...for a short week, it's taken way too long to get to Friday!

Today's Eye Candy is brought to you by the Nimitz Neighborhood. My Sunday exercise is to walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes I walk at top speed and just get my 2 miles in as fast as possible. Other times I take my camera and walk at a slower pace so I can enjoy the flowers along the way.

The elementary school has lots of lovely rose bushes:

Pink roses in the morning sun

Some of our neighbors have beautiful roses, too. There are several of these rose bushes along this neighbor's front fence.

Rose cluster

This yard has salvia growing between some trees:


Up this weekend: I need to get the living room back in order. Over the long weekend, the Husband decided to paint a wall that really needed it. It had been behind out tall bookshelves that we moved several years ago and we'd just never refreshed the wall.

We had to empty the buffet so we could move it out of the way and take down all of the hanging pictures. He patched and painted the wall on Monday. It looks great now, but we just haven't moved things back into place. This will be a great time to look at what's stored in the buffet and set aside some items for Goodwill.

I still have the urge to weave, so maybe I'll finally warp the loom for my wall hanging this weekend. Or start the next mermaid, or ...