Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Finished Object Tuesday...

....this is becoming a habit!

Over the weekend, I finished stitching an older cross stitch WIP. This is the Love Scissor Fob:

Love Scissor Fob, finished

Started 7/2004;
Finished 6/1/14;
Love scissor fob kit by Shepherd's Bush;

The biggest roadblock for completing this fob were the cutesie people in the original design. I decided that I would never finish it if I had to stitch those people, so I replaced them with extra hearts.

Granted, I haven't sewn it together yet, but I'm declaring it done. I do all of my finishing at one time, that way I can do it as an assembly line. I need a couple more completed items before I do the next finishing run.

It was a productive weekend. In addition to finishing this fob, I worked on the stealth knitting project. I was unhappy with how it was looking, so I frogged it and started again. I hope that the second time around is better.

I prepped a couple of other projects:
  • I pressed the fabric for the mermaid, marked the center and placed the fabric on the stretcher bars, It's ready to start!
  • I searched the stash for the next needlepoint project. I found a Laura J. Perin design for which I had all of the threads and the necessary piece of canvas. Yes!  The next needlepoint project is Tucson Twilight at the bottom of this page on Laura's site).
  • I warped my Knitters Loom with an Alpaca-Merino-Silk from Amazing Yarns. I warped the entire 450 yarns using a 10dpi reed. This is for the wall hanging I'll weave using my natural colored handspun.
I put the buffet back in order. I cleaned out the two junk drawers--one now holds only batteries of all sizes and the other holds scissors, tape, and pens/pencils. We put aside 8 dinner plates and 8 dessert plates for Goodwill. I still have a few stray items that need new homes, but that new home might be the circular file or recycling.

We still have to rehang the pictures, clock, and calender, but I hesitate to put holes in the newly finished wall!

The Husband bit the bullet and brought it the extension ladder and we replaced the 2 light bulbs that were out in the living room's track lighting. These lights are 14 feet or so from the floor and it's quite a production to replace them! It's much brighter in there now!

Yes, we are doing spring cleaning a little late. LOL!

Happy June!

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