Eye Candy Friday...

...better late than never!

We had an unknown flower start growing in one of our pots. It finally bloomed into this:

Mystery flowers bloomed

Another Icelandic poppy boomed, yellow this time:

Yellow Icelandic Poppy

And the Husband came home with these pink spoon mums to plant in the courtyard:

Pink Spoon Mums, first look

Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow. I'm not taking my wheel thins time as it's stable for the moment and I don't want to take a chance transporting it.  I'm not ready for it to go into the shop until December. I'll either take a spindle project or something else

I want to finish the embroidery portion of the sewing project so I can move on the the finishing. Hey, maybe I should take the embroidery with me to Spin-In and work on it...there's an idea!

I need to start cleaning the house for Thanksgiving. If I start now, maybe I'll be done by then!  Dusting is very high on my list!

I just want longer weekends!