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WIP-it Wednesday...

...and no WIP pictures to show.  But I have a sneak peek of something at the end of the post.

First, a WIP roll call. Now that I've finished something, it's time to bring another project back in rotation.

WIPs in Rotation:
The Sky is Purple and Full of Stars (Southern Skies) shawl [Ravelry] - I'm 50% done; working on round 133 of 158. It does not look significantly different than the last picture I posted.What Do You See in the Sea? quilt  (quilting) - No progress since last week. Still need to finish the machine quilting and bind it. Anasazi by Susan Portra (needlepoint) I need to decide whether to continue with the current color scheme and just finish it. Or pull out the teal that doesn't quite work and redo that section. I'm leaning toward the "just finish it." Waiting to be rotated in:

Celaeno Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]Happy Pumpkin Scissor Fob by Shepherd's Bush (cross stitch--still can't find where I put this!)Halloween Phat Fiber samples (spin…

why, yes, I'm still here...'s been a crazy couple of days and it's only going to get crazier as the week progresses.

HR work completely consumed my Friday and by the time I realized that I hadn't posted yet, I was too zonked to do so! 

Saturday was a little whirlwind of its own. I bought more boxes for the Daughter who is moving to a new apartment, picked up a Hallmark Christmas ornament I had on hold, and headed off to Purlescence to pick up my Tour de Fleece prize (mmmmm, fiber...). Then I went to help the Daughter pack her things for the move.  I picked up some take-out on the way home, ate my late dinner, and crashed on the couch.

Sunday I did all of my normal errands and then attacked the woven shawl. My goal was to finish the fringing yesterday if all possible. Guess what? It wasn't possible!

After trying out a couple of different twisting techniques, I decided to keep it simple. I'm not twisting the fringe at all. I'm tying two crystal 6/0 beads to each piece of fringe. How …

WIP-it Wednesday...

Image which there are no spinning WIPs!  I'm taking a little break from spinning after 23 days of it. My knees will appreciate it!

It's been a while since I did a WIP roll call, and to be honest, I can't remember everything that was on my list! At least I have a couple of pictures to show you.

WIPs in Rotation:
A Taste of Honey shawl (weaving) [Ravelry] - Finished the weaving and took off the loom.  I've washed it in preparation for fringing. I also need to cut off the loose ends.  I love the little sequin surprises that appear randomly in the shawl. The Sky is Purple and Full of Stars (Southern Skies) shawl [Ravelry] - I'm 50% done; working on round 131 of 158. It does not look significantly different than the last picture I posted.
What Do You See in the Sea? quilt for one of my "kids" (quilting) - Need to finish the machine quilting and bind it.
Waiting to be rotated in:
Anasazi by Susan Portra (needlepoint)Celaeno Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]Happy Pumpkin Sc…

Tour de Fleece 2013 is over...

... and there was much rejoicing!  I met my goals and I'm very happy. The only bummer is that my vacation is also over and it was back to work today.

Day 22:
I made a 2-ply handspun from the Wild and Natural singles, using the yarn cake method. Cake plying = wind the singles into a center-pull cake. Ply using both ends of the singles. It gets a little twisted up along the way, but it's worth a little extra untangling to have the plies come out even.

This is Wild and Natural:

and the close up:

Started 7/19/13;
Finished 7/20/13;
Natural Dyes Wild Card #5018 (3.7 oz) from Yarn Wench;
2-ply from a yarn cake; 
93 yds, 11 WPI

Day 23: Last batt; last spin.

I core-spun and used auto-wrapping for the last batt on my list. I had a few problems with this one and it is extremely energized. I'm going to wash it and hang a weight on it to see if I can get some of that twist out. If that doesn't work, I'll run it through the wheel in the opposite direction and see if that …

Tour de Fleece, Days 20 and 21 plus Eye Candy Friday...

...a little late tonight, but at least I remembered!

First, the eye candy. Some marigolds:

an unknown pink flower in our backyard:

and Miss Sombra watching me weave today.

Tour de Fleece, Day 20:
I core-spun another batt and then plied it with a variegated thread. This is Crashing Surf handspun:

and the close up:

Started and finished 7/18/13;
Crashing Surf Wild Card Bling batt (3.2 oz) from Yarn Wench;
core-spun single plied with green and white variegated thread;
31.6 yds bulky

Day 21:
I spent the morning quilting the baby quilt.

Next I spun another wild card batt from the Yarn Wench--I'm calling it Wild and Natural. I spun it as a regular single. I'll two-ply it tomorrow.

After I finished the singles, I wove a few inches on the shawl. I'm on the home-stretch and should finish it soon.

Up this weekend: Cram is as much crafting as I can!  Tour de Fleece ends Sunday and I think I can finish at least one more batt in addition to plying Wild and Natural.

The Husband is co…

Tour de Fleece, Days 17, 18, and 19...

...totally forgot that yesterday was Wednesday and didn't post. Guess that's a sign that I'm enjoying my vacation!

Day 17: 

Monday was a rest day and I took it; that is, I didn't spin. However, I did finish the top for the baby quilt and spent a few hours weaving.

Day 18:
I pieced together the backing for the baby quilt and got everything pressed. I'm ready to pin baste it.

On the spinning front, I decided to challenge myself and try core spinning. I used the Yarn Wench Glimmer Wild Card Bling Batts from my stash because there were two of them - if I blew the first one, I could spin the second one "normally."

The first thing I did was remove the Cotswold locks that were in the center of each batt. I wasn't sure how to incorporate them yet, so I decided to hold them for later.

Here are the finished yarns:

1st batt: I split the batt into four or five strips and attempted to core-spin. I ended up with a thick and thin single with some of the thick areas …

Tour de Fleece 2013, Day 15 & 16...

...AKA vacation days 3 and 4.

Day 15 (Saturday):

I hosted our monthly Spin-In. I baked dark chocolate brownies and provided some cheese, crackers, and fruit. In between spinning for TdF, we helped another member work on her first quilt.

I spun the singles for two 2-ounce batts--one purple and one red-gray-black combo.  After I finished those two, I switched over to knitting Southern Skies. Because of TdF spinning, my progress is very slow on the shawl.

My prize from the Tour de Fleece prize drawing for Day 8 also arrived. I used the Caliope's Fibre gift certificate that I won to get two batts:

A 2.3-ounce layered pink batt (60% Merino, 18% Wensleydale, 12% BFL,  7% Rayon, and 3% Angelina):

and a 2.4-ounce layered green batt (40% Alpaca, 30% Fake Cashmere, 20% Rayon, 10% Merino):

As a bonus, she included some bicycle stitch markers:

All in all, a truly great prize!

Day 16 (Sunday):

It was Hallmark Ornament Preview Weekend, which always falls during TdF.  I needed to get the Star Trek…

Eye Candy Friday...

...and it's also a F.O. Friday.  First up the eye candy.

I planted some new flowers in the courtyard.  Red dianthus:



I finished Witches Tresses handspun:

and a close up:

Started 7/9/13
Finished 7/12/13
Witches Tresses batts (4.3 oz) from Shooting Yarn
singles plied with green thread;
214.1 yds 10 WPI

This is day 2 of my crafting vacation. So far I have finished the handspun above, sewed about 80% of the baby quilt top, cleaned my house, planted some flowers, picked tomatoes, and cleaned up my courtyard. It's been a productive 2 days!

I also made myself a stellar dinner last night of t-bone steak, quinoa, and colache (Mexican-style zucchini). Yummy!!

Up this weekend: I'm hosting Spin-In tomorrow, so I need to bake something.  I need to pick up my studio a bit and vacuum it...there are little bits of green angelina all over from the Witches Tresses handspun.

After that, its on to finishing up the baby quilt.  The baby for whom it is intended  was bor…

WIP-it Wednesday, TdF-style...

...Monday was a rest day (Day 10) for Tour de Fleece and I didn't spin.  Instead I worked on the baby quilt:

I still need to name this something than Under the Sea...

TdF Day 11:
I started spinning the Witches Tresses batts (4.3 oz) from Shooting Yarn.

I'm spinning this a bit thick because it shows the colors better. I think I'm going to leave it as singles.

Today is my virtual Friday. I'm taking vacation to spend quality time in my studio. With the Husband leaving soon for his annual Seattle-to-Portland ride, it will be just us girls at home. I'm also hosting Spin-In for the first time this weekend, so that will be fun.

Really looking forward to this time at home!

Tour de Fleece 2013, Days 7, 8, and 9...

Image was a spinny weekend!

Day 7:
After work and dinner, I started spinning a one-ounce batt from Greenwood Fiberworks. I'm calling it Monet as it reminds me of the colors in his waterlilies painting.  I only spun for an hour as I was pretty tired.

Day 8:
I finished spinning the singles for Monet. It's pretty thin, so I plan on chain-plying it.

I also spun the singles for a two-ounce batt (Cream V) from Faerie Mountain Fibers. I spun this one pretty thick as it was not as smooth as some of the other batts I've spun.

I also worked on the baby quilt for which I still haven't found a suitable name.

Day 9:
I probably should mention that I am uploading pictures of each day's accomplishments to the main prize thread in the Ravelry Tour de Fleece group  (as well as the threads for my 3 teams: Spinnity, Spinning Purls, and Greenwood Fiberworks).  I have uploaded pix to the prize thread for each of the last 6 Tours and never won anything until now.

I won a prize for Day 8!  …

F.O. (instead of Eye Candy) Firday

Image's been way too hot for the plants. Photographs of wilting leaves are just not attractive!

I spent the holiday plying my singles. It was hot and icky at home (read: no air conditioning). I had the fans going all day, but it was still pretty bad.

Tour de Fleece Day 5:
Spun the last one-ounce Wheel of Fortune batt (more below)

Tour de Fleece Day 6:  Plying day.

Plied the purple Wheel of Fortune singles with light purple 6/0 beads and pink sequins strung on variegated purple quilting thread. It was a time-consuming process to pre-string all those beads and sequins and I still didn't string nearly enough. I ending up have to string a bunch more. Plying this yarn took most of the day.

Purple Fortune handspun:

and the close-up

Started 7/2/13;
Finished 7/4/13;
Red and Gold Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz);
Plied with beads and sequins strung on variegated quilting thread;
100.5 yds 13 WPI

By the time I finished the purple, I was ready for some simple plying!  I hadn't dete…

June 2013 recap...

...and it's late. As is typical when Tour de Fleece is underway, I am so tuned into spinning that my normal routine is disrupted!


6/30 Bollywood handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
Red and Blue Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz)  from Purlescense Yarns;
plied with gold metallic Sulky thread strung with gold sequins;
87.5 yds. 11-12 WPI6/29 Red-copper handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
Mostly Red Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz) from Purlescense Yarns;
plied with metallic rayon thread in copper;
94.9 yds. 12 WPI6/15 Zen 2 handspun (spinning) [Ravelry]
Merino-Silk (4oz) top from Yarn Wench;
249.4 yds chain-ply 12 WPI6/15 Sea Foam Cowl (knitting) [Ravelry] Books: Gotcha, Fern MichaelsA Witch's Handbook of Kisses and Curses, Molly HarperGabriel's Hope, Lizzy FordXander's Curse, Lizzy FordBound, Elisabeth NaughtonEnslaved, Elisabeth NaughtonEnraptured, Elisabeth NaughtonTempted, Elisabeth NaughtonEntwined, Elisabeth NaughtonStarted:
6/30 Blue Fortune handspun (spinning) [Ravelry] 6/29 Red-cop…

Tour de Fleece Day 3 & 4...

...on WIP-it Wednesday.

Day 3:
I finished the Blue Fortune handspun:

Started 6/30/13;
Finished 7/1/13
Mostly Blue Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz);
Chain-plied with beads;
37.2 yds, 10 WPI

Day 4:
I spun the singles for Purple Fortune:

and I spun the singles for Red Fortune:

I don't think I'll ply these singles yet. My current thought is to spin the singles of the last one-ounce batt after work tonight and then ply all three tomorrow, making the most of my holiday. Also, I think the red singles are crying out for beads and sequins. If I decide to go that route, I'll string the embellishments on Sulky thread before I start plying, a time-consuming task all by itself.

I also got a chance to knit a couple of rounds on the Southern Skies shawl. I'm finishing up round 120 of 158. Still a long way to go!

Tour de Fleece, days 1 and 2...

...and Happy July!

I realize that today is day 3 of Tour de Fleece (TdF), but I won't spin anything until I get home from work.

Day 1:
I spun and plied one of the 1-ounce batts. This is Red and Copper handspun :

and the close up:

Started and finished 6/29/13;
Mostly red Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz) plied with metallic rayon thread in copper;
94.9 yds. 12 WPI

I also spun the singles of another one-ounce batt that I'm calling Bollywood.

Day 2:
I plied the Bollywood singles:

and the close up:

Started 6/29/13;
 Finished 6/30/13;
Red and Blue Wheel of Fortune batt (1 oz) plied with gold metallic Sulky thread strung with gold sequins;
87.5 yds. 11-12 WPI

I also spun the singles of a blue one-ounce batt that I'm calling Blue Fortune.

When I needed a break from spinning, I started cutting out the pieces of the first baby quilt. The baby is a boy and due the end of this month, so I need to get cracking.

I managed to weave a few inches on the Taste of Honey shawl, too. I&#…