Just another Eye Candy Friday...

...and I'm rapidly running out of pictures to take. The garden is producing chile peppers like a champ right now, but they all look pretty much the same.  The Husband is trying his hand at chile-infused oils and vinegars, so maybe I'll get some pictures of those over the weekend.

Today I have the last of the birthday pictures. A co-worker gave me a lovely autumn bouquet. Here is one of the chrysanthemums:


and another:

Chrysanthemum 2

The lilies took a few days to open, but they were worth the wait. Here is the inside of one:

Inside a lily

Up this weekend: Spin-In on Saturday! Yay!! It seems like forever since I've spun anything. I have an idea of what I will take as a munchie and it might not involve any baking.

My fabric order arrived today, so I can get started on the next baby quilt. The pattern is cute, but a little fussy. When that quilt is done, I might take a break from quilting for a few weeks.

In addition to my regular chores and errands, I need to mail the completed quilt or at least get it ready to mail. I have to track down the right size flat-rate box, etc. I also want to spend some quality time with my cross stitch mermaid. It's coming along nicely!