Wip-it Wednesday...

...and a new project start.

I'm slowly working my way through the Southern Skies shawl. I have completed 9 of 58 edging pattern repeats.  I'm getting just a little bored with the shawl and really want to be done with it!  It's gorgeous, but I get bored easily (as we all know).

I am getting more pleasure working on the Mediterranean Mermaid cross stitch piece. It's another long term project, but at least I ca work on different colors when I get bored with one.

Mediterranean Mermaid, as of 9/10/13

I actually picked up Anasazi over the weekend and stitched a bit on it. When I got to the instructions on stitching French knots in a multi-color (5 different DMC colors) progression in basket weave style in the four small corner sections, I stopped. Ugh! Just too fussy for me! I think I'll use a variegated floss (or maybe a metallic) to fill those areas and move on.

Yesterday I mailed the What Do You See in the Sea? quilt to its new home. I can't wait to hear if they love it! :)

Over the weekend, I cut out the pieces for the next baby quilt, Bunnies and Duckies and Bears, Oh My! I didn't get a chance to start piecing the top, so I'll start that this weekend. I think this quilt will go pretty quickly. (There are those famous last words again...)

While technically not a completely new project, I started a new cross stitch pattern from Shepherd's Bush. This is another in the Monthly Musing series, called Bulb:

Bulb Monthly Musing, as of 9/17/13

Somewhere along the way, I had put in about 5 stitches, few enough that I decided to declare it a new project rather than a WIP. But I hadn't finished pulling the colors for it, so I'm not sure what I was thinking! Anyway, it's a good take-along project when I don't want to haul the shawl with me.

Yeah, seriously bored with the shawl...sigh.