Friday, November 06, 2015

Eye Candy Friday...

...and another week races by!

We have a few blooming things in the garden. This Icelandic Poppy is on the ledge outside the kitchen window:

Orange Icelandic Poppy

We have some bright yellow calendulas filling a container in the back yard:


and these unusual pink flowers are in another contains. Don't ask me what they are...I have no idea:

Pink flowers

Up this weekend: We're taking a shopping trip to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store. I have placed an online order for some of the items I'll need for my December baking spree. I planned to go by myself to pick it up, but The Husband wants to look for small jars to repackage the olives he's brineing. We don't shop together, so this is a nice outing for the two of us.

Don't tell The Husband, but we will also be going to Williams-Sonoma, which is in the same shopping center. I need to buy the dry brine and the gravy base for Thanksgiving. I always make a special trip for this, so if I can do it on the same shopping run, so much the better.

I have another online order to place to Wrapped All Up, but I need to survey my current inventory of cellophane bags first. I need to order large bags (for the biscotti), but I don't know if I need the other sizes, too. I also need to order the foil twist ties from them. It's time to dive into the bag drawer and see what I need.

I need to work on the stealth project and make a quilt sandwich out for Going Snow Global.

Oh, and then there's those pesky things called chores. They are always last on my list...

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