a finish for Thursday...

...and I am now officially in the Halloween spirit!  Here is Be A Witch:

Be A Witch cross stitch

Started 10/16/13;
Finished 10/23/13;
Pattern by Shepherd's Bush

The only modifications I made were to a thread color and a minor oopsie in the hat placement (it's one row higher up than the pattern specified...oh, well!)  I did not have the Crescent Colors for the moon so I substituted a Weeks Dye Works color.

One thing I want to change or beef up is the gray used for the details on the gravestone. The specified colors do not stand out enough on the gray background. You can barely see the word Boo, even in bright light. I'll probably leave it alone for now and work on something else.

The "something else" is the Carbonized Zombie socks [Ravelry]. I am working on the second pattern repeat on the cuff. It's a simple pattern that goes quickly. Of course, you have to actually knit it to make progress! LOL!