another finish and a little reorg...

...I have another month to finish up as many little things as I can before December.

In that light, I finished spinning the the Windsor Denim and Chocolate fiber from Royale Hare. I finished spinning the single on Saturday and chain-plied them on Sunday.

Windsor Denim and Chocolate handspun

and the close-up:

Windsor Denim and Chocolate handspun, close up

Started 9/14/2013; Finished 10/27/2013;
Merino-Tencel top (4 oz) from Royale Hare;
134 yds chain-plied, 12 WPI

I love the way this one turned out!  It is slightly energized, but I think that will come out when it's washed. Like most of my spinning, I don't wash handspun until I decide whether to weave with it.

I spent a lot of time stitching the mermaid over the weekend and my shoulders are killing me. Part of the problem is that my wonderful coral chair is perfect for spinning and knitting, but does not work well with my Gripit Legend stitching stand. I need a chair that allows the stand to slide forward more and the coral chair is not open in the front.

I've been debating about getting another chair for the studio since the beginning. I finally decided that my shoulders couldn't take much more abuse so I bought a chair last night. The chair I really wanted was no longer available at Cost Plus (that's what happens when you procrastinate!) so I headed over to Target and got this chair:

New studio chair

It goes well with the colors in the room and does not clash with the coral chair. I made room for the new chair and rearranged a bit. Here's what the area looks like now:

Studio chairs, take 1

It might not stay this way, but it will do for now.  I'm not completely satisfied with the basket thing between the chairs. It worked great for a single chair, but is a bit lacking for two chairs. Anyway, I tried out the setup last night and it worked pretty well. I need to tweak the position of the magnifier (the crookneck lamp in the pictures), but it's OK for now.

If only finding more time to craft was so easy to solve!