Eye Candy Friday...

...looking forward to the weekend!

Today's eye candy is one of my entries for the company calendar. Every October, we have a contest to pick the pictures for our calendar. Employees and their spouses are allowed to enter three photos; the winner of the previous year's contest is not eligible.

Pink in the morning

This was the best of my three entries, but it did not make the finals. Oddly enough, the picture that I thought was the weakest of the three did make the finals. I didn't win...oh, well. At least this time I was closer! Maybe I'll make my own note cards with it.

Up this weekend: Nothing specific planned as yet. There might be a Spin In on Sunday, but nothing's been decided yet. Regardless, I will do some crafts at some point during the weekend.

I want to peruse the cookie recipes and get closer to the final list. I also want to work on the Thanksgiving menu. Actually, it's more the appetizers that I need to worry about; the main meal will be pretty much the same--we have it down to a science at this point. With more people coming this year, I want to make sure there are enough munchies to hold them while I get the meal together.

I've been buying some of the items I need during my lunch breaks. Yesterday I bought new tablecloths and napkins. Today. I want to scope out candles and decorations at Cost Plus.

I'd gotten out of the habit of retail therapy, so it's been great fun going to different stores and gathering what I need. Maybe I'll do more of that over the weekend!