WIP-it Wednesday, November style...

...the end of the year is fast approaching!

The one WIP that is getting lots of extended play if the Mediterranean Mermaid.  For some reason, I find it more enjoyable to cross stitch than knit, at least for now.  Here is what she looks like:

Mediterranean Mermaid, as of 11/6/13

Sometimes I wonder about cross stitch designers and their color choices. In addition to the odd blue color in this mermaid's hair, the designer uses two shades of brown that have such subtle differences that it is hard to distinguish them even under the Dazor magnifier lamp.  Seriously?  If I can't tell the difference under high magnification and bright light, will it really make the finished picture that much better when it's hanging on the wall? All it's doing right now is making me crazy while I try and figure out if I've stitched it "correctly." Guess I shouldn't care if there is a stitch or two in the wrong brown...

I've made a little progress on the Carbonized Zombie Socks. I'm working on the heel flap. If I'd been thinking clearly when I started this part of the sock, I would have remembered that I really dislike knitting the bird's eye heel. It looks very nice when it's done, but I don't like knitting it.

I've finished edging repeat #20 of 58 for the Southern Skies shawl. I keep falling asleep in the middle of a row, which does not bode well for finishing this shawl by the end of the year. :(

I've done a bit of fiber acquisition in the last month. I received my October 2013 installments for the Rockin' Whorl Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - one bump BFL and one bump Superfine Merino-Mulberry Silk:

Rockin' Whorl Club, October 2013

and for the ProVerbial club from A Verb for Keeping Warm - Lipstick 1 bump Merino and one bump Cashmere:

ProVerbial Club, October 2013

In addition, I snagged two Wild Card Blind Batts from the Yarn Wench: Gradient Violet (obvisoudly more purplr IRL)

Gradient Violet Wild Card Bling Batt

and Mermaid (I know!):

Mermaid Wild Card Bling Batt

Now I just need to carve out some spinning time!