WIPs are like tribbles...

...they keep multiplying, falling out of cabinets, and appearing where you least expect them!

I found two more WIPs when I was looking for my cache of DMC floss. I was looking for the floss because I was hoping that I already had the colors I need for the mermaid's hair. I opened and emptied all of the cross stitch storage boxes. I didn't find the floss, but I found the partially completed Watercolour Cats and Watercolour Lighthouses. The designs are by Sekas & Co.--you can see pictures here.

I bought the chart packs in 1999. I have no idea when I started the projects as I did not write it down. I know: " Bad crafter! Bad!" At any rate, I took a good look at both projects and decided that they were no longer my taste and I would not finish them. Two more for the IDJ (It's Dead, Jim) pile.

Apparently, there is a Watercolour Dragonflies project hiding somewhere. I wrote that one down as a UFO in January of 2001. It will turn up when I least expect it, I'm sure.

I'm still looking for the DMC floss cache. However, for the sake of the current project, I bought the 4 DMC colors I needed to stitch the mermaid's hair.

Here's where the WIPs stand as of today.

WIPs in rotation:
  1. Mediterranean Mermaid (cross stitch)
    I have completed her torso and stitched the hair on the top of her head. I am now stitching the rest of her hair and there's a lot of it. I replaced odd blue highlights with lighter shades of brown, using DMC 838 as the starting point. So far, it looks OK. As I get more of her hair stitched and stitch her face, I'll be able to make a better judgement on the substitutions.
  2. The Night is Purple and Full of Stars (Southern Skies) shawl [Ravelry]:
    Completed edging repeat number 28 of 58--almost halfway! If I'd stop falling asleep in the middle of stitching a row, I'd make better progress!
  3. Carbonized Zombie socks [Ravelry] I knitting the heel flap and it's going slowly. Still don't like knitting the bird's eye pattern.
  4. Love Scissor fob (cross stitch)
    I have stitched everything except the people. I started the little man's boots

Waiting to be rotated in:
  1. Anasazi by Susan Portra (needlepoint)
  2. Celaeno Shawl (knitting) [Ravelry]
  3. Halloween Phat Fiber samples (spinning) [Ravelry
  1. Going Snow Global quilt (quilting)
  2. Peacock Pomatomus socks (knitting) [Ravelry]
  3. Peacock Majesty by Just Nan (cross stitch)
  4. Seaweed Cardigan (knitting) [Ravelry
IDJ (It's Dead, Jim)
  1. Watercolour Cats
  2. Watercolour Lighthouses
WIPs To Be:
  • A wall hanging (weaving) using the natural color handspun I did last summer
  • A peacock or mermaid quilt for me.