Hello, December...

...I'm not quite ready for you yet!

The blog was not high on my priority list last week...sorry about that.  With  all of Wednesday spent cooking, all of Thursday devoted to Thanksgiving, and Friday spent with friends and family at the Christmas Tree Farm, the last thing I want to do on Saturday was spend a lot of time on the computer.

Pictures were also secondary, but I did get a picture of my Thanksgiving table before everyone arrived:

Thanksgiving table

We had a total of 13 around the table. It was a lovely Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed having new guests. There was too much food (as usual) and not enough time to spend with everyone. But everyone had a good time!

We continue to reorganize things in the house. I finally let go of some glassware that we've been storing and have not used in years. I swear, I have no idea why I wanted to keep wedding gifts that my ex and I received...out of sight, out of mind!  But they're out of here!

We replaced our butcher block island with a large rolling cart...our only Black Friday purchase. The Husband pretty much hated the butcher block, mostly because the shelves below the work surface gathered so much dust and never looked tidy. We were ready to have something more mobile--I can move the new cart all by myself.  It has enclosed shelves and two drawers, which allow me to have all of my measuring cups and spoons in one location.  When you have 5 sets of measuring cups and 4 sets of measuring spoons, it's a challenge to find one location to hold them all!

I did the first ingredient runs on Saturday and Sunday. I did a Smart and Final run for flour, sugar, and semi-sweet chocolate chips; a Trader Joe's run for nuts, butter, dried fruit, and white chocolate chips; and a Safeway run for cocoa powder, eggs, and dark chocolate chips. (Well, these were the main ingredients from each store...)

I'm already behind on the baking as I didn't make anything yesterday. I just didn't have the energy (or space in the trash) to empty the freezer. And I need the freezer space for the fruitcakes and breads.

Guess I'll be busy during the week...