Mum's the word for Eye Candy Friday...

...chrysanthemum, that is. The mums are holding their own in the cold weather and the mums in my Thanksgiving flower arrangement are still looking good.

Yellow mum:

Yellow mum

Orange mum:

Orange mum

Mum in flower arrangement:

Thanksgiving flower arrangement

and a distinctly un-mum purple flower:

Braving the cold

Up this weekend: Baking!!!  After we get our Christmas tree tomorrow morning, the cookie baking begins. I need to make all of the chilled doughs first so they can spend overnight in the refrigerator.  Then I'll bake the fruitcakes and get them into the freezer. Then, I'll start the cookies that don't need to be chilled, like the spritz and the cherry kisses.

On Sunday, Aunt Linda will come over to help with the refrigerator cookies and I'll work on some of the others. The goal is to get as many of the 11 cookie types baked this weekend. Next weekend will devoted to baking the biscotti, icing the cookies and putting chocolate on the biscotti, and making the chocolate bark and truffles.

It will be a full weekend!