My mixer is fixed! least, we think it is. Here's what the old and new gears look like:

KitchenAid gear replacement

I did a trial run of gingerbread loaves last night and the mixer worked fine for that. I'm a little gun-shy about resuming my normal, double-batch ways, but I really don't have time to do much else!  Just in case, I've researched local stores for prices and availability for a new time to wait for one to be shipped from Amazon. I hope this new gear fixes the problem as I have no desire to see my loom savings account  to go towards a new mixer.

Anyway while we waited for the part to arrive, I started decorating the house for Christmas. The tree is about 75% decorated:

Christmas Tree in progress

I'm still unpacking the decorations that go on the buffet and various tables. And  I haven't touched the Star Trek tree yet.

Christmas is my biggest WIP right now!