first Eye Candy Friday of 2014...

...brought to you by the two floral gifts I received last week. A poinsettia from one of my Daughter's friends:


A miniature Parade Rose from my sister-in-law:

Parade Rose #2

and another view:

Parade Rose #1

Also Eye-Candy-worthy was this morning's sunrise:

Sunrise 1/3/14

I spent Wednesday afternoon blocking the shawl. It took several hours of crawling on the floor, measuring and pinning it to the blocking mats. Despite having purchased extra puzzle mats and pins, I didn't have quite enough of either. I still ended up having to put a quilt beneath the mats to pin out the points. It's not a perfect blocking job, but it's the best I can do for now. Pictures when I can face unpinning it!

I spent yesterday deconstructing Christmas and returning the living room furniture to its normal configuration. It took all day, but it was worth it. I'd rather have one very full day that having it spread out over several days. The tree is outside, waiting for next week's garbage day. The only thing I didn't do was haul all the boxes upstairs. I did that this morning after the gym.

Up this weekend: Take pictures of the shawl, do some serious stitching on the mermaid, and work on my year-end recap post.  I also need to mentally prepare myself to return to work on Monday.

Sigh. Vacations are never long enough!