Eye candy Friday...

...and it's raining! Finally!! Everything around here is looking pretty parched.

Todays eye candy is some of the few flowers I found blooming today. These are all in the containers byt our front door:

Tiny purple flowers

Single pink flowers

Purple container flowers

Up this weekend: Now that the Olympics are here, we plan on watching some of the events. I'm also participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games on Ravelry, so I'll be knitting or spinning while I watch. I've entered the WIPs Dancing, Flying Camel Spin, and Charity Curling events.

Tomorrow is Spin-In and its time for my monthly "Ack! What am I going to take?!" attack. I guess I'll figure it out when I go to the store after work.

I'll start my first entry in the Flying Camel Spin events at Spin-In.  While I watch the opening ceremony tonight, I'll work on my  WIPs Dancing entry, a hat I have in progress for Halos of Hope. When I finish that hat, I hope to knit at least one more for Charity Curling.

It should be a busy craft weekend!