Eye Candy Friday...

...and it's the last one for February. It's always a fast month, what with the Daughter's birthday, Valentine's Day, and Stitches West. And this year. we had the Winter Olympics thrown into the mix!

We are getting some much-needed rain, so I'm not going to complain about how few pictures I could take this morning.

Here's what it looked like when I left for the gym:

Rainy Morning 2/28/14

I managed to get a picture of some raindrops before they hit the birdbath:

Raindrops in the birdbath

And this is a new planter in our backyard...very appropriate for a wet day:

Flowering fish

Up this weekend: For the social engagement part of our weekend, we are having dinner with the Daughter and some friends.

Beyond that, I need to do some clean-up and do a serious grocery run. All of my normal household chores went by the wayside due to Stitches West. The Husband has been a trooper, but I need to get back on a normal schedule.

Craft-wise, I need to find homes for my new treasures and straighten out the studio. Then it's on to my WIPs. I want to finished the second weaving piece from class and them get back to beading the mermaid. I also have a stealth project or two to consider.

Other than dinner with the Daughter and grocery shopping, I plan to avoid being out in the rain. I'll just enjoy it from the comfort of home whenever possible!