Eye Candy Friday...

...and am I ready for the weekend, even the abbreviated one I'll have.

First the photos. Some lemon blossoms:

Lemon blossoms

Orange rose:

Orange rose

Asian pear blossoms:

Asian pear blossom

and yesterday's sunrise:

Sunrise 3/27/14

Up this weekend: Our company party is tomorrow night, so I need to do a little baking. Our theme this year is "Tardis in the Tearoom: Doctor Who visits Downton Abbey." I am making a blueberry trifle. I don't have a bowl shaped like a tardis, so the blueberries will just have to stand in for the tardis. It also helps that the company color is blue. ;-)

I need to bake the sponge cake, make the pastry creme, whip the whipping cream, and potentially make lemon curd.  The curd will come off the table if I run out of time; I'm considering skipping the alcohol as well. I have a combination of fresh and frozen blueberries, plus some frozen blackberries to add a little more berry-ness to the mix. I'm not that fond of blueberries, so the addition of the blackberries is for me.

The plan is to do the assembly in the morning so the trifle flavors will meld.  Then I have to figure out what to wear and find a white elephant gift.

The trifle and laundry will use up my Saturday, so Sunday will be my one day to play in the craft room.
That will just have to do...