Eye Candy Friday...

...brought to you by the letter P.

Pink foxglove:

Foxglove with raindrops

Pink unknown flower (in a neigbor's yard)

Raindrops on flower petals

Purple pepino blossom:

Pepino blossom

Purple pansy:

Purple pansy with raindrops

Up this weekend: Spin In on Saturday! I haven't figured out what I'm taking yet, but it needs to be able to sit in my car for an hour as I have a 1pm appointment at my new gym.  They want to do an evaluation of my fitness goals (read: see if they can sell me more services). Since the gym's not open yet, I could probably put this off a bit longer, but I've already put them off 2 months. Maybe this will get them to stop calling me to set things up.

On Sunday, I need to finish up a birthday present and get it ready for mailing on Monday. That should take up the rest of the weekend. I don't have a lot to do to finish it, I just need to do it!