Random Thursday...

...how did it get to be Thursday?

  1. I finally got the birthday package mailed on Tuesday. While it didn't arrive in time for her birthday yesterday, the flowers I sent made up for it!
  2. I have my new glasses prescription in-hand. I'm off to Lenscrafters as lunchtime to order my new lenses. The good news is that there is no change in my right eye, so they just need to make the left lenses!
  3. Now that the weather is cooperating, I'm riding my bike to the gym again. It feels good to get a little more exercise, but boy are my muscles sore!
  4. I'm knitting socks again. I'm trying to finish the Carbonized Zombie Socks [Ravelry]. I have finished the gusset and I'm now knitting the foot. Getting closer to the end!
  5. I haven't worked on anything else this week. I'm trying to do as much as I can on the socks until the weekend. Then it's back to to spinning and the mermaid.
Not much, but it's all I have!