it's still Eye Candy Friday... least for four more hours!  Obviously, the day got away from me.

So this weekend is Mother's Day and the Daughter will be out of town. She hasn't missed very many Mother's Days and she feels bad that she is missing this one. She did send flowers though--a lovely tulip bouquet:

Mother's Day Tulips

and another view:

Mother's Day tulips

Some of the flowers are still confused. We had an amaryllis bloom this week:

Amaryllis, fully open

and another view:

Amaryllis, close up

We have a bunch of new flowers. This Blue Thimble flower is a nice addition:

Blue Thimble Flower

I'll post more pictures of the new flowers next week.
Up this weekend: Spin-In tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Other than that, no specific plans. I'd be happy to spend the remaining weekend crafting away!

Happy Mother's Day!!