Eye'm-so-glad-it's Candy Friday...

...I finished and delivered my client report, and I'm so ready for the weekend!

Today's eye candy is brought to you by the color orange. Some orange superbells:

Orange superbells

Some peach superbells:

Peach superbells

And the last of the Blenheim apricots for the season:

Last apricots of the season

And for a little color, a collection of superbells:


Up this weekend: I get to go checkout my new gym. I signed up for this place in March and they are finally opening. I'm not too sure about switching gyms, but I have a month and a half left on my old membership. I hope to figure out what I'm gong to do by then!

I have a couple of ideas for embellishing the wall hanging. I need to play around with it a bit to see if I'll like the additions.

I need to get back to some of my other projects, too. I'm just not feeling the knitting right now, so I might put that on the back burner for a while.

What I really need to do is sleep...I might have to wait until vacation for that. The Husband has been leaving early to ride his bicycle, getting his training in for Seattle-to-Portland. I can't complain because he is training (unlike some years when he didn't train!), but a little extra sleep would be nice!